Desisions Desisions Desisions...

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Tue Nov 03, 2009 10:43 am
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Desisions Desisions Desisions...

Not sure if this is where I should post this question so I will give it a try and see if anyone can help me. About a month I purchased a SmartLink INSTEON Central Controller. The primary reason for doing so was that I wanted to be able to control my INSTEON devises through my iPod touch. I do like the general functionality of using the controller however it lacks in so many other places for example creating triggers or actions. I then turned toward purchasing Indigo 4.1 for handling more complex type tasks however I now need to have a dedicated Mac for running this application. This is a problem since the only Mac I own is a MacBook and I take it everywhere.

Ok now for the question. I purchased a INSTEON TriggerLink devise and two INSTEON Access Points and have successfully connected the TriggerLink to an access point in my garage. I have also successfully added control of a remote INSTEON devise (A lamp in my living room - LampLinc - INSTEON Plug-In Lamp Dimmer Module, 3-Pin) Now when the garage door is open the light will become lit. Allowing me to know when the garage door is open. However what I rally would like to happen is, when the garage door is open after sunset and before sunrise then the light would come on and also send an email to me indicating the garage door is open.

I have created a trigger event from within the Indigo software to tray and accomplish this task however the thing that does work is the turning on or off of the light based on my previous step of manually adding a control of a remote INSTEON devise per the TriggerLinc instructions.

Here are the properties created for the trigger within Indigo,

Name: Email - Garage Door Open
Trigger Type - INSTEON Command Recevied
Received: Any Command
From: Devise LivngRm Light

Condition: If dark (before sunrise, after sunset)

Action: Type - Send Mail

I original thought that I would need to change Trigger from devise to the TriggerLink however that devise is not listed in the drop down. I also have never been able to add a access point devise in the indigo software. Not sure if I even need to add those devises but when I try and manually add them I was get the same error indicating: Failed to establish a link with the devise, verify the INSTEON address and make sure the devise is plugged in/or correctly installed. I have made sure the address is correct and I have tried several locations including those locations in order to get the two access points connected.

Any help would help correcting this problem. Thanks

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Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:34 am
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Re: Desisions Desisions Desisions...

When you choose the Trigger Type "Device State Changed" you don't see your TriggerLinc device as an option in the Device popup control? You should. Did you add the TriggerLinc as a Device to Indigo? If so, double-click on it and press the Define & Sync... button to have Indigo sync with it again.

You never need to add AccessPoint RFs to Indigo as Devices. They are passive/invisible as far as Indigo is concerned. Indigo picks up their relayed commands but they don't really exist as a controllable device.


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Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:06 pm
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Re: Desisions Desisions Desisions...

I have 3 TriggerLinks controlling 3 closet ToggleLink bulbs. Recently, they have just stopped working or work so sporadically as to be unpredictable. I replaced all 3 batteries but that made no difference. 2 of them will turn the light on when the door is opened but never turn it off. The 3rd has no control at all. I know in the previous post you said they should be in the Insteon Device lists so I checked. They apparently never were unless they were dropped in the upgrade to version 5 somehow. I tried to add them in and it says to press the set button to wake them up but the add device never finds them.

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