Indigo 2.0 Beta 14 Posted

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Sun Dec 31, 2006 10:54 am
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Indigo 2.0 Beta 14 Posted

Beta 14 is now available for download. Updates include:
  • Added INSTEON support for All Lights On, All Lights Off, All Off.
  • Fixed upload support to the PowerLinc 1132CU. Note upload support to the PowerLinc V2 (2414U) will not be implemented in 2.0 and that upload support to the 1132CU requires a non-trial registration code.
  • Fixed error message bug that occurred when double tapping off relay modules.
  • Fixed problem that caused premature "active device address list full" error messages.
  • Fixed bug that caused X10 status response to be logged before the status request sent message.
  • Added relay module types to the list of devices that can triggered on different brightness levels.

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