iRoomba 980 iRobot Plugin

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Tue May 23, 2017 11:40 pm
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iRoomba 980 iRobot Plugin

Hi all,

Hopefully not stepping on any toes :shock: - but have taken FlyingDiver iRoomba plugin (Thanks!) (which is no longer working given firmware changes) and used it as base to rewrite a new Plugin to support the iRoomba mqtt communication protocol. (as of firmware v.2.2.9-1 20th May 2017). This was helped a lot by a recent python library for roomba control.

Currently - have it functioning well and it enables a continuous connection to one Roomba-980 or multiple intermittent connections to two or more Roombas (although cannot test that aspect - as only have one sadly)

The benefit of continuous connection is status is updated immediately - so can trigger events to occur which happen within a few seconds; Status is immediately updated.
The library I am using also supports mapping/drawing a map of cleaning - which I would imagine would look good on a control page. (I haven't worked through those aspects as yet - but have it on a todo list)

Have it running for longer (currently a week without connection issue) and bug testing, also slowly adding further items pulled from the mqtt iroomba stream.


Needs paho-mqtt for python installed via terminal window:
Via terminal Window:
Code: Select all
 <sudo> pip install paho-mqtt 

Download and Install from GitHub as below link:

Bug fixes - dealing with periodic iroomba disconnections or mqtt failure

Bug fixes
Add X/Y to device
Less error logging
Reconnects to iroomba stepwise if loses connection

- Supports continuous connection (most tested currently) to one iRoomba or intermittent to multiple
- Supports Actions Stop/Start/Pause/Dock sent immediately with continuous connection, or within 15 seconds with intermittent connection.
- Status updates immediate (with continuous and more information) or as set in time-interval with intermittent
- Saves config details to file in Documents/Indigo-iRoomba for each IP address of Roomba
(can delete, recreate devices and will use same config/password for same IP address)
- Get Password from Config Page - works and pulls/saves password (some tidying up of messaging needed)
- Enable/Disable Debug mqtt communication as very verbose (and otherwise Indigo would save all to debug log)


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Thu Aug 31, 2017 2:23 pm
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Re: iRoomba 980 iRobot Plugin


Does this plugin only work with 980 or does it also work with for example 696 that also have iRobot home app?

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Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:23 pm
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Re: iRoomba 980 iRobot Plugin

As far as I understand it should work with all Wi-Fi enabled Roombas (980, 960, 890, 690)

But obviously untested.

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