Low Voltage Insteon?

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Thu Oct 13, 2011 6:46 am
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Low Voltage Insteon?

I know that Smarthome might be a better place to ask this, but does anyone know of any insteon or X10 products that operate on 48 volt DC? A friend lost his vacation cabin in one of the recent wildfires and plans on rebuilding based on a 48 volt DC solar/battery power system minimally supplanted from the grid, given that the main reason he lost the house was collapse of the highlines feeding the area killed the sprinklers that were up to that point keeping the fire out of the yard... He did have a few old X10s allowing him to drive his external lights from the bedroom, but was wondering about adding more (or any at all, given that there probably won't be much if any 110 or 220 outside the external washroom).

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