Indigo 1.6.0 Released

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Thu Jun 23, 2005 5:01 pm
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Indigo 1.6.0 Released

I have finally officially released Indigo 1.6.0, which includes support for the ActiveHome Pro (CM15) interface and improved reliability with the PowerLinc USB (1132U) and PowerLinc Controller (1132CU) interfaces.

!!! Important !!! PowerLinc (1132U/1132CU) and CM15A users must install the driver package included in the download (reboot is required after install). Indigo now uses a different driver to communicate with the PowerLincs (and the CM15A) and now requires a driver install. Once you have installed the driver previous versions of Indigo (1.5.5) will not be able to communicate with the PowerLincs. If you need to revert back to Indigo 1.5.5, then delete the driver file below and reboot your computer first:


Version 1.6 Details

The CM15A support includes sending/receiving all X10 commands, as well as receiving all X10 RF commands. This includes security commands, X10 A/V remote commands, and normal (palm pad, motion detectors) RF commands. Uploading logic to the CM15A is not supported. Unfortunately, there is no documentation from the manufacture of the CM15A on how to support uploaded logic. If you need Mac-less operation, then consider purchasing the PowerLinc Controller.

Power failure triggers are now supported with the PowerLinc Controller (1132CU) and the CM15A. The PowerLinc USB (1132U) continues to support power failure triggers and now there is a reliability filter that should eliminate the false power failure messages we have all seen. Because of this filter, there is now a 10 second delay before Indigo reports power failures when connected to the 1132U.

Additionally, all of the USB interfaces (PowerLincs and CM15A) will now automatically be re-connected if the USB connection is dropped for any reason.


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