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Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:46 am
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Re: Hue Lights discussion

Different Computers wrote:
Busta999 wrote:
marketability wrote:
I prefer the Hue Motion Detectors because they will will control lights even if Indigo goes down..

Has this ever, ever happened?

Not yet.

But you are correct, I said it wrong. Indigo is 100% reliable never had an issue.

My concern is that MacOS fouls up. The computer crashes. The router takes a dump. The Unifi gets unplugged or crashes. All of these have happened at one time or another without any human interaction, I lie, my wife accidentally unplugged one of the Unifi boxes once.

I guess I think of Indigo as the brain of the home automation body.
There are certain things I want to be on the involuntary nervous system and others to be controlled by the brain.

Besides, to keep the HA budget approval process smooth it is best that basic stuff like lights turning should have as few moving parts as possible to keep it simple, keep it reliable.

I have absolute confidence in Indigo, and very high confidence in everything else, but if you stack all the small percentages of failure on top of each other the risks get greater.

In matters relating to my wife’s happiness, I am extremely conservative:-)

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