RFXtrx433E availability and supported protocols

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Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:38 am
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RFXtrx433E availability and supported protocols

The RFXtrx433E price is € 109.75 and can be ordered at RFXCOM, Ebay, amazon.fr and many distributors (see the distributor list at http://www.rfxcom.com/RFXtrx433E-USB-43 ... sceiver/en )
RFXCOM and some other deliver WorldWide.

The Indigo RFXTRX plug-in supports:
Somfy RTS (up to 40 RTS devices)
Oregon Scientific
Aidebao security
ATI Remote Wonder
ATI Remote Wonder Plus
ATI Remote Wonder II
ANSLUT (learning mode)
Byron SX chime
Brel blind motors
Chacon (learning mode)
Chacon (with address code wheels)
Chuango security sensors
CoCo (learning mode)
CoCo (with address code wheels)
DI.O (learning mode)
DI.O (with address code wheels)
Dooya blind motors
ELRO AB400,AB600
ESMO blind motors
Everflourish EMW100
Harrison curtain
Hasta new blind motors
HomeEasy UK (learning mode)
HomeEasy UK (with address code wheels)
Intertechno (learning mode)
Intertechno (with address code wheels)
JVS screens
Kerui security sensors
KlikAanKlikUit (learning mode)
KlikAanKlikUit (with address code wheels)
Livolo aplliance & dimmer
Louvolite one touch motorised blinds
Maverick ET-732/733 BBQ/Smoke temperature
MDremote 106 LED dimmer
Meiantech security sensors
Mertik Maxitrol Fire Place controllers
NEXA (learning mode)
NEXA (with address code wheels)
OWL – CM113,CM119,CM160
Quotidom blind motors
TRC02 RGB LED strip driver
RohrMotor24 RMF blind motors
RollerTrol R-series blind motors
Simu RTS blind motors
YOODA blind motors
X10 PC Remote

The following protocols are supported by the RFXtrx433E but not yet implemented in the Indigo plug-in.
1byone Driveway Alarm
1byone Easy Chime
A-OK blind motors RF01,AC114,AC123
Alecto – SA30, SA33 smoke detector
Alecto – WS1200,WS1700 and compatibles,WS3500,WS4500,WSD10
Ambient Weather - F007TH
Aoke relay
ASA ETR blind motors
ASP blind motors
Atlantic security
Auriol H13726
Auriol Z31055B-TX
Banggood – SKU174397,DANIU
Byron MP001 chime
Blyss temperature/humidity 630467
BOFU EY1612 blind motors
Brennenstuhl RCS2044N,RC2044
BTX blind motors, remote, part# 490.2076
Cartelectronic TIC, Encoder, Linky
Chacon EMW200
Chacon 54660
Chacon KD101 smoke detector
Chamberlain CS4330CN
CoCo GDR2 (equal Chacon 54660)
Confexx CNF24-2435
Conrad RSL2,RSL sensors
Cotech Smarthome
Cresta - TX-320, TS34C, anemometer, UV sensor, rain sensor
DEA receivers (unencrypted)
Dolat DLM-1 controlled motors
Ematronic RF01,AC114,AC123
Energenie - ENER010 – 429.935, 5-gang 429.950
Envivo – Chime ENV1348
Eurodomest (NL – Action)
Flamingo FA500D FA500DSS
Flamingo KD101 smoke detector FA20RF,FA21RF
Flamingo Smartwares SF501
Forest blind/curtain motors
Froggit - F007TH
Hasta old blind motors
Hideki weather sensors
Home Confort lighting
HomeEasy EU (learning mode)
HomeEasy UK – HE105
Honeywell- TF-ATS34C
Housegard Origo smoke detector
Ikea Koppla
Impuls (NL – Action)
Inovalley SM80 with plant probes
Kambrook RF3672
Kingpin KP100 projection screen
La Crosse - TX2,TX3,TX3P,TX4,TX7,TX17,WS2300
Legrand CAD radio
Lexibook - SM883
Lucci Air fan
Marquant 943134
MCZ pellet stove
Meade – TS33F-M, TS34C-M
Media Mount Projector screen
Mercury appliance modules
Meteoscan W155,W160
Motorlux blinds motor
mi.sol WH2
NEXA KD101 smoke detector
Opus XT300 /Imagintronix Soil sensor
Oregon Scientific weighting scales
Oregon MSR939
OTIO Lighting
Outlook Motion Blinds
OWL – CM180,CM180i
Pearl NC-7159
Philips SBC SP370 series
Prego P-8426
Profile Qnect 423000040,423000042
Profiles PAC-326R Belcanto
Proluxx projection screen
Proove –TSS320 & TSS330 fridge/freezer thermometer & outdoor sensors 311346,311501
Quigg RC DS5 4001-A DE 3726
RAEX blind motor (YR1326 or YRL2016 controlled)
Renkforce RF101 smoke detector
Revolt NC5461
RGB432W LED controller
RUBiCSON - stektermometer 48659, 48695 -pool sensor p48019
RollerTrol G-series blind motors
Screenline motors
SelectPlus200689101 & SelectPlus200689103
Siemens SF01 LF959RA50/LF259RB50/LF959RB50 extractor hood
Siemens (UK)
SilverCrest 91089,60494
Silverline Premium
Smartwares radiator valve
Sonoff RF
Sunpery blind motors
Sunvic TLX1206
Sunvic TLX7506
TechnoLine/Proficell - TX95-TH,WS9180-TX104
TFA - TS15C, TS34C,external temperature sensor 30.3133, anemometer 30.3149, UV sensor, rain sensor 30.3148, pool sensor 30.3160
TFA - pool sensor 30.3056.10, 30.3216.20
TFA external temperature sensor 30.3208.02
UPM/Esic - WT260,WT260H,WT440H,WT450,WT450H,WDS500,RG700
Unitec 48110 EIM 826
Ventus WS155
Viking - 02035, 02038, 02811
Wave Design extractor hood
Westinghouse fan 7226640
WT0122 pool sensor
X10 Ninja/Robocam
X10 RTS10 / RFS10
Xiron – EN6

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Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:54 am
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Re: RFXtrx433E availability and supported protocols

This list is really helpful for understanding why I have never had much success with RFX/TRX on Indigo.

Currently I'm using Vera devices to interface to RFX/TRX, and scenes to link these to Indigo.

The supported device range is much broader on Vera (eg Luxaflex, Motolux)
which I currently need).

Is there no shortcut (akin to reading/sending 'raw z-wave' commands on the z-wave interface? Or does it make sense to ditch RFX/TRX in favour of the newer RFPlayer device (for which I see there is a new plugin)

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Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:39 pm
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Re: RFXtrx433E availability and supported protocols

Just a follow-up observation now that I've had a play with the RF Player and associated plugin.

The RF Player plugin automatically 'found' various Oregon weather sensors that I've had no success with through the RFXCOM plugin - the RFPlayer plug-in is reporting all devices automatically 'found' by the device in a drop-down list, making it easy to create the required devices. Fantastic - would be really helpful to have this functionality in RFXCOM.

BUT the 'Parrot' or Learning mode has proved no use - the RFPlayer detects the devices I would like to integrate, but won't register them - presumably because there is some kind of rolling code in the string. (Regardless of the fact that - I gather - the Parrot mode isn't supported in the plugin yet). So I still can't integrate my Motolux blinds. GRRR.

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Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:50 pm
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Re: RFXtrx433E availability and supported protocols

I implemented BlindsT2 and BlindsT3 in the RFXCOM library (V2.1.3).
0x02 = BlindsT2 = A-OK RF01
0x03 = BlindsT3 = A-OK AC114/AC123/Motorlux

The updated Plugin is available on the plugin store.
Don't forget to make a backup of your actual plugin before you update.
I think it's all OK but it's some time ago I did something on the plugin. So feedback is appreciated.

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Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:06 am
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Re: RFXtrx433E availability and supported protocols

I just installed the new version and tested my AOK AC114 / T3 Blinds and it works great :D Thanks for the update - My home automation is finally complete (for now anyway....)

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