Honeywell Total Connect 2 Security Plugin — Information

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Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:48 pm
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Honeywell Total Connect 2 Security Plugin — Information

About the Honeywell TC2 Security Plugin
This plugin adds support for interfacing with Honeywell security panels connected via the Total Connect 2 monitoring service, such as the Honeywell Lyric security panel. Because of the way that Honeywell's service and APIs are set up, this plugin polls for status periodically — the default is every 10 minutes, but this can be configured in the plugin settings.

The plugin adds a new Alarm Keypad device type, which will take on any of the following states:
  • Disarmed
  • Armed-Away
  • Armed-Stay
  • Armed-Night
  • Arming (temporarily, while arming — the plugin will re-check status every 30 seconds during this time)
  • Disarming (temporarily, while disarming — the plugin will re-check status every 30 seconds during this time)

The Alarm Keypad device also has states for tracking a binary arming status (isArmed), and whether zones were bypassed (isBypass). You can set up triggers for state changes to detect changes in status. There are several actions for an Alarm Keypad to arm (using any supported arming type) or disarm the panel, as well as to force a status update.

Installation Requirements
The following are required for the plugin to work correctly:
  • You must be running macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or newer. This is required, because earlier versions of macOS don't support TLS version 1.1/1.2 connections in the versions of Python and OpenSSL installed by the operating system. Honeywell requires newer TLS security standards when connecting to Total Connect 2. NOTE: It is recommended that you carefully review the High Sierra compatibility announcements before upgrading. Indigo runs fine for me under 10.13.1, but install at your own risk, and only with a backup.
  • You must be running Indigo version 7 or newer, which is required to take advantage of the newer Python version.
  • You must install the deep Python library (see below).

To install Zeep:
  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Type the following, followed by Enter:
    Code: Select all
    sudo easy_install zeep
  3. Type your password, then Enter.
The installation will complete automatically.

The latest version of the plugin can be downloaded from GitHub. Click on Clone or download on the right side, then Download ZIP.
If you'd like to be emailed when the plugin is updated, please subscribe to this topic.

Installation and Set-Up
Install and configure the plugin
  1. Download the plugin from the link above, and un-zip the archive if necessary.
  2. Double-click on the Honeywell TC2 Security.indigoPlugin file, Indigo should launch and ask if you'd like it to install the plugin.
  3. The plugin's config screen should pop up.
    Config.png (29.44 KiB) Viewed 340 times
  4. Type your Total Connect user name in Web access user name. It is recommended that you create a new Standard user for Indigo's exclusive use. This user must have access to your panel, with a user code assigned and synchronized. See instructions here.
  5. Type your Total Connect password in Web access password.
  6. Click Save.
Create an Alarm Keypad
  1. Create one Alarm Keypad device. This device tracks the arming status of your physical security panel. It's also the device you use to arm/disarm the alarm.
    New Alarm Keypad.png
    New Alarm Keypad.png (40.41 KiB) Viewed 340 times
  2. Configure the keypad by selecting the Total Connect location corresponding to your primary security panel.
    Configure Alarm Keypad.png
    Configure Alarm Keypad.png (18.05 KiB) Viewed 340 times

If you'd like Indigo to detect changes to the security panel status more quickly, you should not repeatedly use the Update Status action. This may result in Honeywell restricting your access. Rather, set up notifications sent to an email address that Indigo can check for updates — I run mine every minute. Then, set up triggers when emails are received with any of these in the subject line:
  • Armed Away
  • Armed Custom
  • Armed Stay
  • Disarmed
Then, issue an Update Status action to any panel(s) connected.

You can establish triggers based on changes to a keypad state.

Also, you can set up arm/disarm actions.

Many thanks to Craig J. Ward, whose Python-based Total Connect Client for another automation system was the initial inspiration and basis for this plugin.

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Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:32 pm
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Re: Honeywell Total Connect 2 Security Plugin — Information

Hey, this is really cool. I've been spending ages looking for my HomeAutomation Holy Grail and as a part of that search I recently ordered a Honeywell Lyric Controller since they officially announced HomeKit support which may finally allow me to get a few of my desired setups working reliably.

Of course once I replace my Vista 20P with the Lyric I was thinking I'd be stuck without anything in Indigo but maybe that isn't the case now? Curious what your setup looks like and how TotalConnect fits into your overall home automation setup. Also wondering if you made any attempts to create a local connection? Not sure if you also have the Lyric Controller as but from what I can see their app allows local connection as well.

Thanks for putting the time into creating something to share with the community! I look forward to checking it out once my Lyric arrives and I get everything configured for TotalConnect. :)

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Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:49 pm
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Re: Honeywell Total Connect 2 Security Plugin — Information

@mssearch, sorry for the delay in responding to you. I was away on vacation and missed this message. :shock:

I have a Honeywell Lyric Security Controller with a second LKP500 keypad, along with numerous sensors. I've also got one smart lock that is interfaced with the panel. At some point in the future, I might extend the plug-in to offer support for lock status and locking/unlocking... I was excited about the announced HomeKit support and the touch screen — it looks like a very future-proof system. While I hear that Honeywell just recently released the firmware update that adds HomeKit support, I haven't gotten to play around with this yet.

The rest of my house is purely INSTEON, with quite an extensive footprint in terms of number of devices.

We moved from a house where I had installed a DSC control panel. I used Travis’s fantastic DSC Alarm Plugin with the Envisalink interface. I really liked how that enabled real-time connectivity with the panel, including motion sensors, which I used to help extend my home automation via Indigo triggers.

It would be interesting to connect directly with the panel, but I haven't found any documentation for how to do so. If you find any and are able to pass it along, I could take a look at this, because I'd certainly be interested in getting back the real-time motion sensor capability I had in our previous residence!

Once you get your system up and running, please let me know how it's working.

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Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:57 am
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Re: Honeywell Total Connect 2 Security Plugin — Information

Everyone deserves a good vacation so hope you had a good time away! I'm actually out of state my self for a couple more days so haven't had a chance to get all my new Lyric gear installed.

I've done a fair amount of searching for any documentation and haven't seen anything official come out. I'm pretty confident it has some type of API that is network accessible because Honeywell offers the My Home Controller App that works only on your local Wifi network. I'm certainly no expert in this area but figure it may be possible to use Wireshark to sniff out what's going on behind the scenes with that app since it's local connectivity only. I'd even reason to believe (although it's only a guess) that their local API bares some resemblance to their API for TotalConnect for the sake of easier management and extensibility.

How do you like your Lyric setup overall as compared to your previous DSC setup. Do the benefits outweigh the loss of functionality with the indigo integration?

Will look forward to getting this all set up upon my return home!

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Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:27 am
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Re: Honeywell Total Connect 2 Security Plugin — Information

I’ve been very happy with the Lyric and don’t have any regrets. It’s a nice system.

I only had a couple of rules in our old Indigo/DSC set up that interacted with the security sensors, like a rule to shut off lights if no motion was detected. Now we just turn off the lights the old-fashioned way. :)

The rule I wanted most to implement was one that shuts off all the lights once the security system is armed. With the plugin and some email integration rules, that was easily handled with the Lyric.

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