Autolog Smappee Controller Discussion

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Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:46 am
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Re: Autolog Smappee Controller Discussion

roquej wrote:
After the 7.1.1 upgrade, I am getting the following error:

ReloadPlugin() caught exception: FileIOError -- cannot move: destination file exists

i am deleted the plugin and preference file. Also reinstalled the 7.1.1 version to ensure files permissions were correct and restarted the Mac Mini. Nothing seems to help

Any suggestions?


Not sure about this one. As a test I have just downloaded and installed the current version from the plugin store (v 2.1.2) and it has installed and works perfectly under Indigo 7.1.1 (for me). :)

I think that the error message is coming from Indigo as it tries to load the plugin. I wonder if you have two copies of the plugin. One in the plugin folder and one in the disabled plugin folder.
I agree that it is odd that you have rolled back to the previous version and it is OK. :?

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Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:19 pm
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Re: Autolog Smappee Controller Discussion

I think this can be resolved by changing the location of the debug folder in the plugin config. I suspect the current location has a permissions problem.
The Smappee plugin is pre-Indigo 7 and therefore the logging was done differently to how it is now done in Indigo 7. :)[/quote]

Tips on how to do this?
It doesn't give me anywhere to change the location. I check the 'show debugging and logging options' but I can't save the preferences because of this error :/
Can I do it manually in the config files somewhere?

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